Workshop & Library Sampling (Parakai)

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Come along and learn about the various ways to carry your child in a sling or carrier and to view and play with a range of different styles, options and brands at Te Whare Oranga ō Parakai, 2/11 Parakai Ave, South Kaipara.

For thousands of years, parents all over the world have strapped their babies to them in a variety of ways and continued about their daily lives & work;

  • Babies who are carried cry less, settle more quickly, can nap on the go, even feed on the go; all while safe and close to their parent or caregiver
  • Keeping baby close assists with attachment, bonding, settling your child and also learning
  • Learn about baby physiology, safety & positioning in a carrier, see a demonstration of five different categories of styles and have a chance to play with some options in a library.


With over four years of practical experience and a library of over 50 different carriers, Jess is passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about babywearing. Certificated through Slingababy UK & Je Porte Mon Bebe Training School’s as a Sling and Carrier Consultant, Jess also has a library of carriers for hire and loan.

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Introductory workshops are a great place to come along and learn about baby physiology and some of the history and benefits of using a carrier with our children. We will then talk about safety and positioning in a carrier before I jump into a quick demo of five different styles. We can then explore some options you might like to try from the library of over 50 carriers or I can help with fit or comfort issues with a carrier you already own.


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