Newborns are vulnerable

02 May
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So here is the thing, newborn babies are vulnerable. The first four months of life, human babies are born altricial. That means they are born neurologically and behaviorally underdeveloped and completely reliant on caregivers.

This also means things like airways are a huge risk in newborns. In any scenario, using anything, you need to be sure a babies chin is off their chest to make sure they have room for those delicate passages they need for clear breathing to remain open. Two finger widths is the general guideline.

That fact is the same if you are talking about a pram, capsule, sleeping surface, car seat, carrier, held in arms etc. At all times, we need to make sure our babies can breathe. And we need to continue monitoring that at all times. They need fresh air and access to airflow.

This may seem like i am pointing out the obvious, but sometimes our babes need dark to cut out the over stimulation or maybe we are worried about the cold or hot sun, so we might cover the pram with a cloth or tuck their face away in a carrier. We might not pay attention, and that we always need to do. We need to continue to monitor breathing and airways.

Often our models of carrying babies in mainstream media, TV shows and news articles demonstrates terribly unsafe practices. Like totally covering babies face and breathing passages or carrying baby super low in squish-able material or in compromising positions. Clearly this is unhelpful and I am a passionate proponent of making sure clear and full information is given for parents to make their own best decisions for their circumstances so I’m not going to share any of the ambiguous, unclear articles with you of a recent tragic event where a baby died in Australia.

Instead I am going to remind you, all newborns are vulnerable. All baby products have the risk of being used incorrectly. Safety really matters for our little people. Information is key. Seek out help when you are unsure.

And “whilst carrying your baby you must remain aware and responsive to your baby’s needs for safety and comfort as well as your own” as per the An’So baby carrying safety guidelines you can find here –…/about-baby-carrying-s…/

Massive and huge amounts of aroha goes to the family in Long Jetty.

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