Maybe it’s because he is four months old…

17 Jun
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Maybe it’s because he’s four months old.

There have been huge leaps in brain development, he is aware of so much more around him. He’s no longer a newborn, only able to focus the distance from boob to face, limited by his capacity to take in things around him. He can see more, hear more, his more aware of everything.

Maybe it’s because he has had a development leap.

He’s also becoming more aware of the fact he and I are not one entity. That it is possible for him to be away from me, that there is such a thing as being separate and therefore something to be anxious off.

Maybe it’s separation anxiety.

He has been chewing on everything though, there has been lots of drool. Despite having wee teeth buds visible on the bottom front ones since birth, they do seem more pronounced and raised. He is keen to munch down really hard and despite it seeming early, Josh did have bottom front teeth by four months.

Maybe it’s because he’s teething.

He’s been super needy, like won’t let me put him down at all which isn’t normal for him. He’s gone from sleeping two hour stints independently in a hammock to waking every time he’s put down again. He will only sleep on me, usually with a nipple in his mouth.

Maybe it’s the dreaded four month sleep regression.

He has had to be on steroids and painkillers recently with the bronchilitis. Anything that isn’t breast milk is a lot for a little tummy to cope with. He’s always been sensitive with his gut, wind issues and his screaming and thrashing around because of them nearly broke me for the first six weeks of his life. I will never forget that and how dire it was.

Maybe it’s because his tummy is sore and he’s windy.

I don’t know what it is dude, but I know enough to know that if I try to meet your needs during this stage I am not setting bad habits or creating horrible routines. I am helping you meet whatever need it is you are trying to fill. I am giving you a responsive caregiver invested in your needs. I am helping you cope with and deal with this stage so you can move on to the next one.

You really can’t spoil a baby, regardless of how many months. You can’t respond too much. They have limited ability to communicate with us, they are completely reliant and dependant on us, responding, following their lead, it’s the very best gift you can offer them.

So sleep sweet baby, I will hold you. I’m here kid, though it feels like its sapping all of my being right now, I’ve got ya.

(Then when your Dad gets home I will hand you over in an instant and run and hide for a few minutes for my own sanity!)

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