Grateful for cosleeping…

05 Jun
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Last night made me really grateful for my baby being close to me when he is sleeping. At about 3am he choked on phlegm in the back of his throat. Like a big choke, lots and lots of phlegm!

He didn’t make much noise, just started thrashing around in his sleep which woke me. Almost immediately I noticed I couldn’t hear him breathing, because he has this nasty cold he has a slight Darth Vader sound to his breathing at the moment which was noticeably absent.

I quickly rolled him over and up onto my chest, head pointing down and gave him a few decent pats on the back. He coughed and spluttered finally and then vomited heaps of phlegm. So much so it really surprised me that a teeny body could hold so much. It took lots of steaming in the bathroom for him to start to be able to breathe properly again and even now, he’s full of phlegm again already.

What terrified me was the thought of what would have happened had he not been close by?! There is a reason our babies are born with a biological need to be close by!

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