Screw New Year’s Resolutions

26 Dec
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This concept of let’s make a “rule” for ourselves for the next whole year.

Even in the example when I googled it for a dictionary definition has a negative connation.



The whole concept makes my skin crawl if I’m honest. Not because I don’t like reflection or goal setting but just this pressure we put around it. The whole ritual of “new year’s resolutions” is just something I don’t do.

But that’s because I was taught and modelled the approach to reflection and forward thinking about the year coming VERY differently long before I realised that’s not how others did it.

So I’m not sure there was ever a name for it, but let’s just call it the “New Year’s Eve Challenge” 😉

I’ve been doing this with the people around me at New Year’s Eve parties for as long as I can remember. Anyone who has been at one of these parties with me probably knows exactly what I am talking about.

In fact it was one of these dear friends of mine who asked me to make sure I wrote about ut and shared it with you guys.

So what you do- instead of sharing a “rule” you’ve made up for yourself for the whole next year that you will probably be a dick to yourself about breaking potentially only a few weeks into the next year. You first share something you are really proud of yourself for achieving.

That’s the first thing that “resolutions” as a ritual doesn’t honour.

Reflection on the year gone, especially if it’s been like 2016 and a bit shit in parts for lots of people, can be really negative. Depressing even, dare I say it.

Don’t get me wrong, that aspect of reflection is important too. Validate yourself for the hard parts and shit bits for sure. Share them with your loved ones.

Bitch away. I’m not discrediting that part. But balance it.

Think about the good too.

You’re still here right? So you managed to get through the rough patches.

If nothing else, give yourself props for that. Share that too so others can give you props.

I know it is this real kiwi mentality of being humble, but you can be humble and kind to yourself.

You can be proud of yourself for your achievements and not be an arrogant dick. That is possible.

So that’s last year and reflection covered right… then we consider the next one coming.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to looking ahead and setting goals. In fact, I love it.

In our version, we don’t share just one but three.

But they are goals. Things you hope to achieve. Things you are looking forward to.

Not rules for yourself.

It’s kinder and more beneficial.

And sharing cool ideas with loved ones is awesome. And hearing about what your loved ones have achieved and are looking forward to is awesome.

And having the opportunity to build up your loved ones confidence and resolve to do cool and awesome things is fantastic.

To have the opportunity for them to do the same for you is amazing.

So give it a try…

Screw New Year’s resolutions, try taking the “new year’s eve challenge” instead <3

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