Christmas can be a pretty overwhelming time for little people..

26 Dec
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Photo Caption: Christmas can be a pretty overwhelming time for little people.. Right now as a type this I am laying with Jai as he has another early nap again today…
Having your most treasured requests answered and then getting even more awesome cool stuff from friends and family is a wonderful privilege I am lucky to be able to provide my kids.
But I think sometimes it could help us all consider it from their point of view too.. This kid I am currently laying with breastfeeding just wanted a ball. That’s what he asked this random character we have been talking about all month. And omg you should have seen the kid’s face when he got a ball!
Josh is four, his requests were not quite as simple but he too was very fortunate and got lots of lovely presents from grandparents as well as Santa.
While he has been like an energizer bunny going from one thing to the next all day yesterday, he told me just before, “I just don’t think I can be this excited anymore… I want to just look at one of my old books or play with some of my old Lego…” It can be almost too much of a good thing. And then they become pains in the bum a bit often…
And everyone is already tired and potentially hung over from a huge day the day before and maybe even the one before that… Ahhh…
So if you can’t nap with them and they are doing your head in, one thing I find fun to do is pick MY favourite of their new toys (or mine, I did get a Jenga set from Santa so… ?) and play with it myself…
It usually takes all of 3 seconds for them to want to join me, often telling me I’m playing with it wrong haha but I just play… with the cool stuff they are already bored off…
They generally whinge less, I’m more chilled about the state they are creating in the house and it let’s me be in the moment with my kids, really being present.
But I have to put my phone down. I’m like an addict hahaha I’m in phone rehab ?
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