The best bits of Christmas…

23 Dec
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As I try not to stress out and lose my shit whilst dealing with some of my not-so-favourite parts of the lead up to Christmas- I tried to switch my thinking…

Trying to change the talk in my head from “you piece of shit paper, stay still! Argh where has the end of that fucking tape gone now?”

So putting on my big girl pants, I thought, take a breath Jess, what would you say to your bestie right now if you walked in and she was in that state?
(that’s a wee trick I got taught years ago about trying to be kinder to yourself in your self-talk…) 😛

I would probably say, “Chill out… Nobody cares that much about the wrapping paper-except for the toddler but he will just be concerned about trying to eat it! This bit is shit and a pain in the arse but… why don’t you tell me about some of your favourite Christmas traditions instead?”

I realised most of my favourites are ones we just made up! 😉

What are some of your favourite holiday traditions in your family?

I outlined some of what makes it special for us in this post, The Magic of Christmas


Would love to hear yours??

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