Are we failing new parents??

07 Dec
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So this consultant gig in the sling and carrier world in New Zealand particularly is VERY new… I have mentioned this before, but the likeness and comparable nature of Lactation Consultants in our country is pretty damn on point…


So I entered this “market” as someone both very passionate about getting the message of carriers as a parenting tool to the mainstream but also as someone who has previously worked in coaching and training within a business context.


I saw my position as working with other related service providers to share our collective knowledge both with each other as a broader “serving the families of your children” industry. I figured this would not only benefit each of us but hopefully provide an even better service to the community of parents within our communities.


I remember reading in Constance Hall’s book about how all of a sudden she “kept seeing Queens everywhere” like something in her brain had switched. I too now get that feeling first hand, but its not ‘Queens’ I keep seeing, its young families…


I see the Mum walking with her child holding her hand as they walk down the footpath together pointing at the traffic.

I see the grandfather standing at the train crossing with his young grandson pointing and talking about the train tracks.

I see the young couple with a toddler and a newborn in dads arms as I have coffee and a work meeting…


I see them everywhere. Kids. 

Awesome adults with kids. 
The future of our fucking world.


And when I see them all I think is, I wonder if they have a good and supportive support network? I hope they feel like they have a village… I hope they don’t feel like they are alone in this. 

In this job, this at times, fucking hard job, of raising the next generation.


I hope they know there are people who appreciate EVERYTHING they do… 

Even when that intrigued and interested toddler I watched in the cafe turns into a feral “threenager” late at night when they are tired or have had a huge day.


I hope someone says to that adult sometime this week, “fucking good work. You rock!”


I don’t know why the silo’s in the industry work they way they do. I don’t care to break them down anymore. I just want to find another way to support our communities through this. I want us as educators and even as parents who have come before these ones, to let those new to this journey in on the fact that we all struggle at times..


We all need help and support to do this.


And holy fuck, why are more providers of various services not collaborating more?!


I completed Car Restraint Technician training today (for the record, this is not intended to be a new service for my business, this was about me as a student and learner extending my knowledge to do my own job better- there are some great places you can already find car tech support…)




The whole time, I kept thinking of tricks and tips I picked up in Sling and Carrier Consultant training…


Pull the slack to the tightening system. 

What sensitive spots on hips and joints are of concern and considering bone density development. 

Breathing and airways. 

Safety for newborns and considerations and aspects that I never really before now got and have clearly been fucking up myself all these years (its ok I know more now, luckily my children survived my poorly installed seats hahaha). 

Empowering parents. 

Encouraging them to use their own brains and understand the rules…




Hell I even managed to get a ring sling strength tested saftey comparison in there to luggage straps and the reasons not to use them in leiu of anchor points.. But also, WHY and different “hacks” that can offer alternative solutions…


Why aren’t we working more together? 

There was lots of cross sharing of information before today and some of what I learned about seat restraints actually built on and boosted my knowledge about carriers…


I think we need to start looking at shit, to provide a solid support system, network and possible services to parents… that will never happen in a silo…

This is a great starting point I think… lets do more like this –


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