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05 Dec
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Ok, so, firstly, I usually run workshops… Lots of people at once to balance the cost of the consultancy service….

BUT… I wanted to do something different for Christmas and we had a wee bit of an idea as the “Why Dads Babywear” team and I move through our project to get the concept to print….

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Normally when I do in home workshops I suggest to my clients to find a friend who is keen too so they can share the cost of the $90 consultation… But after recently doing a couples consult with some people who I have inadvertently recruited to our Why Dads Babywear project team and recently introduced you to, Dana and Andrew, we thought it could be a cool way to get more Dads who maybe a bit hesitant or unsure to work out whats best for them… And maybe with someone other than just their wives help… 😛


Photo credit: Veronica-Jean Photography

So this is Dana and Andrew and their beautiful kids…

I had earlier the previous week had an in home workshop with both Dana and her friend Steph… here’s a picture of me holding both of their babies asleep while they practice wrapping techniques…


Andrew was one of the first awesome dads to jump on board and help us out with the 100 reasons on the Facebook album (you can find him as number 5!) and I actually first meet Dana and Andrew a long time ago through some volunteer work both our families had been involved in. Dana had also come along to one of my workshops at MAMA Maternity which is where we again reconnected after a few years since West Auckland Parents Centre stuff…


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She mentioned Andrew had a wrap and was keen to learn more stuff with it.. Dana has been such a huge help to me with this project already, I was like, “just tell me when to come over and we will play”…

So they did.. And I went over after all the kids were in bed and we all talked some shit and had a cider and then I showed Andrew some wrapping stuff…


Dana was meant to be an observer hahaha she spent a while rummaging through the stash box I brought in too but as soon as we got to a woven wrap carry she hadn’t tried… she was keen to jump in on the action as well!


So I showed them a Poppins hip carry, we also covered a Ruck back carry and Kangaroo front carry (featured above)- Andrew had already mastered a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) in his dragon themed wrap 😉

This is a slideshow of a "pretied Poppins"… This is not meant to replace an instructional video ( Wrapping Rachel has a great one on Youtube here – https://youtu.be/ALgrqgmiZc0) This is just an alternative way to set up your wrap job that I find is so so helpful for getting a tight and secure Poppins Carry. I watched a video from Babywearing International on this technique but can't find it! So here's my quick, pretty average attempt at showing the slight difference (of course, as the camera was there on a timer the big kid wanted to be wrapped for the second time in his life-he usually refuses… But the chance to one up his brother won out hahaha) 😉

Posted by Babywearing with Jess on Monday, 6 June 2016

And then two things happened… Firstly, Andrew put us to shame with his wrapping technique! I just explained the basic mechanics, the fabric works like this, to tighten we have to do this, to be secure we need to fill these criteria, to be safe we need to make sure of this… Next thing you know, this guy is just running with it and making up shit as he goes, carries I have never seen before, knots I didn’t even mention…


Then I get sent photos like this! Check out how f*cken tight that poppins is man?! What a bloody pro! 😛

And even cooler, I see this on Dana’s fb page in the following few days…


Well hello there “husband and wife poppins masters” 😛

Hahaha so we together thought it would be cool… For me to spend a wee bit of time, before workshops get busy again after Christmas period and before we are in full go mode for this book launch early in the new year, to share some of that “parent team workshop fun” and to make it more affordable I have added a big f#ck off discount on a service I don’t even normally offer…


I am happy to present these “gift vouchers” to suit who you want to buy them for with pretty pictures and digital art and shit… just tell me how you are trying to justify buying one! Hahaha

Seriously limited numbers guys so get in quick if you are keen, email me babywearingwithjess@gmail.com

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