Welcome to Dana & Andrew – some team intro’s

30 Nov
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Say hi to this beautiful family!! <3

Here is another team intro for you guys!!

As I’ve already mentioned, we have been busy drawing together some of the most awesome people we know to help us pull of this Why Dads Babywear project!

So next intro for you guys comes from Dana ? her husband Andrew is number five in our original Facebook series of 100 reasons from dads 😉

I actually meet these guys for the very first time when I was pregnant with Jai and had Josh with me hosting a West Auckland Parents Centre antenatal class. Andrew and Dana came in with Maddi who was a newborn at the time so he could be the “model baby” of how one might go about bathing and dressing a newborn <3

Dana Chandler-Brown is helping us with her “editor” hat on and like Zoe Crossley Woodman from The Sling Consultancy, has been helping me manage traffic and trollers for the last few weeks on my facebook page..

Because she has her own beautiful way with words, I will clear the floor to let her introduce herself to you… <3


Hi I’m Dana!

I’m a freelance writer and lucky enough to “work from home”.

I loved carrying my son and had a range of carriers with him, I loved the sweet snuggles and for months it was the only way he would nap (thank God for Netflix!).

When my second came along (and 8 weeks early at that…) I struggled with feeling torn between the two kids, I felt like I had no time to bond with my daughter but was still unable to give my son the attention and love he needed. Baby wearing was the tool that allowed me to bond with, snuggle and inhale all that lovely newborn deliciousness, while still giving my toddler what he needed.

My wrap jobs are often far from perfect, my carriers will often have paint or dirt from the park on them, but they’re the most treasured tool I have in my parenting kit.

I hope that this project can help guide parents through the parenting journey which can be so overwhelming.



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