The Why Dads Babywear Project!

25 Nov
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There is so much to tell you about this project!

I have already introduced Zoe from The Sling Consultancy as part of the team and there are heaps of other awesome people we are drawing together behind the scenes but I will introduce them to you soon..

First I wanted to introduce you more to what we are working towards here..


This is the ‘Heart model’ for planning that I use. At the heart of this project is the objective to get more mainstream acceptance of carriers as a parenting tool.


WDB Heart model(3).png


So it started as a single poster on Facebook and grew to an album of 100 Reasons from Dads in less than four days!

We are slowly getting them to Instagram (@whydadsbabywear) and we will continue with the many many submissions we received there by adding to the original 100 once we catch up! The other project we have on the go is the print edition!



This is all very exciting and we are so thrilled it has had so much exposure and so many people have jumped on board this celebration of fatherhood.

This is a light hearted take & celebration, but it actually steamed from research into some pretty serious issues..


I had read a great article on postnatal depression from a dads perspective written by Alan Law and shared with The Spinoff. It made me think, given how prevalent these issues our in our society, we really don’t talk about it enough.


We don’t talk about the issues created through gender stereotypes enough either. There are some awesome TED Talk videos linked in the post, ‘What does it mean to “be a man”?’




We don’t talk about dads roles enough. We don’t hear enough about a dad perspective in the preparation for becoming a parent.

Carriers provide a really awesome opportunity for dads to support their families through the transition of adjusting to life with a new baby, whether it be your first or subsequent children.

Carriers can help dads have a role in this life change.

Postnatal distress and difficulties adjusting to this period of change are not only something women face. It is not just a risk for mums.


Lets support dads more too. Lets share a male perspective on these topics.

Lets give dads a voice.



EST. 2014.jpg



We are still accepting submissions for our Why Dads Babywear project print edition, if you are interested, please email with your photo, ‘dad quote’, everyones name, childrens approx age in the picture AND a  waiver-form.


If you are interested in being part of the Why Dads Babywear project team, please email us at

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