Welcome Zoe from The Sling Consultancy

22 Nov
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You may have noticed Zoe popping up and commenting on some of the threads for our Why Dads Babywear project

This is because this celebration of fatherhood has taken on a life of its own and we need lots of help to make it happen! So I am currently building up a team of other awesome people to help us!

First person I want to introduce to you guys is Zoe from The Sling Consultancy, a fellow Slingababy trained consultant based in the UK <3

Zoe stepped up to help me battle the trollers and to get you guys to email us your photos so we can use them to continue this awesome party!

While we are yet to meet in person, I have so much love and awesome stuff to say about her but I will let her introduce herself in her own words…


Hi I’m Zoe of The Sling Consultancy based in Surrey in the Uk. I have been running a sling library since 2012 and trained this year with Slingababy as a carrying consultant.

We have carried all of our children Mai is 8, Charlie is 3.5 and Jude is 10m. I believe everyone should be supported on their carrying journey with positivity and kindness. Is it always a perfect carry? Not likely!! Life is busy, children are busy!

We may all carry for different reasons and that is fine as long as we are given the support to be comfortable, safe and confident in our choices. When we know better, we do better and my choices are not a judgement of anyone else’s choices they are simply what is best for me and my family in any given moment.


Keep an eye out on the next edition of Juno Magazine for her article on Toddler and Beyond carrying <3 You can also find her website details here – http://www.theslingconsultancy.co.uk


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