Christmas Special Vouchers Offer

13 Nov
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I have an exciting new announcement for you guys! For Christmas presents this year, my dear friend suggested she would like her husband to buy a voucher for a consult with me… which gave me an idea…


There will be more “present” and Christmas themed ideas to come but here is one to start (while I try and madly keep up with the traffic on the Why Dads Babywear album commentary and activity on Facebook!)


So there are only a very limited number of these. I will have other gift ideas coming out in the next few weeks but they are all special services or limited time deals, so if it looks like something you would be keen to get for someone, or keen to receive yourself for a Christmas present, don’t hesitate long (or make those hints REALLY obvious).. there is less than a dozen of each 😛


Here’s the first for you guys anyway.. Great for friends who are expecting a baby, cheap enough to be a perfect gift that sister in law you might not like that much or as a bit of a “I got you what I actually wanted” gift for the other half or bestie!


Workshop tickets are usually priced at $25 per person. That is for a one and half hour workshop, try of library carriers and specific questions and queries answered by a certified babywearing consultant in a small group setting.

This special gives you a voucher for $25 value, aka a workshop ticket, at only $20.

If the recipient decides its a different service or kind of support they are after, they can use the voucher as a $25 credit for other services.

There is only ten of these in total up for grabs so be quick!



Copy of Special Christmas Offer(1).png


AUCKLAND BASED ONLY – Must be redeemed before March 2017, purchases only during November and December 2016.


Please email me for more details –

Vouchers look like this, printed on card with a space for a personal message 🙂





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