Perinatal Awareness Week 2016

07 Nov
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So I am a bit slow on this one.. :O

Jai caught some nasty virus and James and I got it off him too, everyone was wiped out all last week! Anyhow, we are finally all not puking and so I am finally getting to post this for you guys!

Last week was Perinatal Awareness Week (29 October-6 November 2016).

Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aotearoa works to eliminate the stigma around perinatal mental health in New Zealand.




And it is great that they do! There is such a horrible stigma around these issues that affect so many of us. So many people report feeling alone, shame, embarrassment, fear.


None of these are healthy emotions for any of us.


Especially when it is so, so many of us, both men and women, first time or consecutive times, around having children. It is more than 25% of us. And it is widely accepted that a large number of cases go undiagnosed.

It effects a lot of us. If it hasn’t affected you personally, think of three Mum’s you know, just off the top of your head, its probably affected one of them. And probably some of the Dad’s you know too!


Being a parent is hard. We still expect to do everything else we have always done, but with this whole added beloved burden of bringing up little people. Its difficult.


Self care is key.



Remember its ok for it to be hard. I think its kind of meant to be… Someone told me “if becoming a parent doesn’t change your life, then you missed the point”.

Its true. But you don’t need to be hard on yourself. The world, society, media, there are many places you can find criticism and judgement. When you are talking to yourself, try an imagine it is like you are talking to your best friend..

And when she is being a bitch and overly self critical, you can remind her, “hey that’s not very kind”…

And if you won’t do it for yourself, do it for your kids.

They learn so much from modeling our behaviour, from “playing grown ups” as my kids call it when they sit in the front seats of the parked car and debate navigation hahaha


Show them self kindness. Model being kind, not just to others, but to yourself too.


You matter too....png


You probably are doing heaps better than you think you are you know… The fact you are even struggling or worry about this, that in itself shows you are an awesome parent.


Remember that. X




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