OMFG! Constance Hall in Auckland?! 

06 Nov
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Ok, holy shisnick, I have no idea how, but I scored tickets to the Auckland book launch of Constance Hall‘s “Like A Queen” book.



If you don’t know who I am talking about check out her blog –


I have raved a bit about her before. I actually gave away two copies of her book during my business launch and NZ Babywearing week giveaways.. I did a preorder when they were first released, it was meant to be for two for a friend and I but I messed it up, there was wine and an unrelated internet spending spree involved, I think the kids had been particularly painful that day… anyhow…
I had no idea she would be coming to NZ soon after! I also had no idea I would actually be quick enough to score a ticket! We live on shitty rural broadband connection so I was right next to the router, with the laptop loaded on the event listing and my phone, using mobile data on the same page in case the internet took ages but it worked on the laptop and by the time my phone had loaded a few seconds later, there were none left!

(also, just a tip ladies, if you are waiting for tickets like that, reregister an account and your details with the website hosting the event listing first, it means you are less likely to “drop it” from your basket while you are filling in your dets which I heard happened to quite a few people).

So yes. she’s coming. It’s this week! Wednesday! Like only a few sleeps away!


AND, it’s a Q&A! I might be able to ask her something!!
And then I was like, “what would I ask her?!”

And what will she let me share online from the event!?!?! :O


I have been to lots of events like these, well not like this exactly, but where there is a big group of people and then a speaker/s and the opportunity to ask questions and engage from the audience… I am pretty good at thinking on my feet but like a good girl scout, I like to be well prepared. 😉
So usually I would think up like one or two questions for inspiration that I would like to ask the speakers well before I get there.
I was just thinking about Wednesday.. it took like 15 mins of “OMFG” in my head, crazy excited Snapchat convos between my friend and I and a glass of wine before I even started to get my head around it and still, all I could think is how I would gush in true “fan girl” style about how amazing she is and how in awe I am of her impact with her written word..



Much like the blog post I made when I gave her book away, “The world of amazing women doing cool shit online“…
So I am stumped… and probably going to have another glass of wine while I get dinner ready now haha I feel like I should have popped a bottle of champagne when those ticket confirmations pinged in my inbox ??
And I know sooo many people missed out. I want to try share the experience with you guys, I don’t know her stance on people sharing her events on social media but if she will let me, I will do a live feed of a bit on Facebook for you guys!!

I will obviously at the very least do a blog post and take some photos for you guys, if you want, I was thinking I might even just buy an extra copy of her book to get her to sign to give away to one of you ladies who missed out…?!
So I want to know, what would you ask her?! What do you want to know?! Maybe I can ask that for you instead cause I’m drawing a blank here hahah


And what do you want me to tell you about the event?!

Consider me an insider set of eyes and ears for you guys…


And again, second glass of wine  in hand, I AM SO FREAKN EXCITED! Hahahahah
Share your thoughts with me guys!

Comment here on get in touch with me on my Facebook page – – I have too much excitement right now for one person hahaha share it with me guys! Tell me what you want to know!!


Here’s a photo of me hiding in the garden with a glass of wine and Constance’s book.. Dinner still isn’t made, just for the record haha 😛





Constance’s Facebook page –

Women’s Collective (organisers) Facebook page –

Babywearing with Jess Facebook page –



The event listings (no tickets available) –



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