Practising while still pregnant…

25 Oct
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Slings & Carriers can be an incredibly useful parenting tool. When your baby is in the “fourth trimester” period as a newborn, it is common for them to settle best close to you.


Human babies are born with a biological need to be kept close to their caregivers. As a species, our young are born dependent on us. Carrying them close to us allows them to continue developing critically in that first transition from the womb to the world. Carrying them and using slings and carriers has actually made us develop to be smarter as a species, a long time before now.


Jai 4 days old.jpg.
This can also be very draining and your arms do get sore… Even a little baby gets heavy when you are holding them for long periods of time! Wraps, slings and carriers can help with this transition from womb to world.

Slings and carriers can help make your newborn cry less, help you to bond with your baby and let Dads be more involved. They can be used in many ways to support breastfeeding. They are convenient and help provide a sense of freedom while also helping you meet your baby’s needs and desire to be close.




More and more pregnant women are joining me for my workshops, like this morning, lovely to meet you Chloe 🙂 I love that more people are becoming aware this is actually a great time to learn and play, yes you have a pregnant belly, but newborns are little and curled up and options like a ring sling or a stretchy wrap are awesome to try above your pregnant puku with a doll.


I am also really keen to get some workshops set up on the weekends sometime in the near future as I would love to have some Dad’s and other support people to come along and be the “guardians of the carrier of knowledge” for their families..




Having a newborn is overwhelming for everyone but Mum is probably trying to sort latch with breastfeeding, dealing with postpartum body, hormone and mind changes, struggling with lack of sleep and everything else. Babywearing is such an awesome way for support people to have a really active role and job for caring for tiny newborns. It would be very cool to share the use of this tool and the information around it as a way for support people and Dad’s to help bond and care for both mother and baby.


Slings can actually be used to help you “take a load off” while you are still pregnant! They are also useful for supporting hips both during and post pregnancy. While you are pregnant is also a great time to learn about safety and positioning and see a range of options that might help you to work out what could best suit you.


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Feeling empowered to use this parenting tool, before you are even holding your precious new bundle will help you to use slings and carriers to your advantage as soon as possible in your parenting journey. Also having the chance to see a range of options could help you to save money by choosing something you are comfortable using and like before investing in one yourself.



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