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16 Oct
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This giveaway is really dedicated to those awesome people doing amazing things with their words online…


Particularly for some other “mum bloggers” (man I hate that term! Oh wait it’s the Constance Hall related post, fuck I hate that term) whom I have eagerly followed and read and then watched cool shit come from in the process.

Constance Hall, who has been noticed for her posts making everyone around the world discuss the “mum bod” and our ridiculous standards on women in society ( ).

She is changing perceptions and expectations of mothers in our current society with her written word and its resonating with others. It’s her book I have to giveaway. Its fresh off the press, she is doing release tour events as I post this! But its hers, from her words, that she put online.

That had power to resonate with people, that had soul and love behind the message. Her words on a blog… To this….




If you haven’t hear of her, make sure you check out her on Facebook or her website  –


Locally in New Zealand, Emily Writes, who wrote a kick arse blog (“I am grateful now fuck off”) which if you never read at the time (where have you been?! Haha) you should now.

It resonated so much with other mothers that it made her “an overnight success”… again I hate that term, but that is a whole other post in itself.. There are lots of terms we commonly use I am not all that fond off if you hadn’t guessed by now haha 😉

Emily is providing an insight into modern parenting from a Mum perspective that so many people have related to. She has turned that one “viral” post into a blog with a huge following (she is also a fan of “the swears”), now attends events as a guest speaker, writes for several publications and is in the processes of writing her own book also.




Another classic and very popular Emily post is, “I saw Tarzan and this is my review after some wines” it is definitely worth checking out especially if you are in need a bit of a laugh 🙂


And to Raising Ziggy ( ), it’s been so cool to watch your following and growth, not only online but in your parenting journey too… And I particularly enjoy your posts about babywearing on your blog, this is a particular favourite –   …

Thank you also for helping me with my many questions about running my Facebook page and helping me find easier solutions for drawing a prize winner than writing every name on a piece of paper and getting one of the kids to draw one out of a hat! 😉

It is very cool to have people who you admire and look up to help you with projects like this. I really appreciate your ongoing help and support. Emalitza, you write so well, it really has been a pleasure eagerly following along to your earnest and honest recount of your job Raising Ziggy. Keep it up, I’m loving watching all the more cool shit that’s coming up for you in your journey too!




To everyone blogging, writing, posting or getting their words out there online, we all collectively create what is on the internet; that has power… I am not saying I have power, or my blog has had heaps of readers like these ladies have, but your word, particularly your written word can be strong.

If you have something to say, if you have a message or a story, the beauty of the internet today is you can share it… It might not be any good, “the internet world” aka “screen warriors” are very quick to point out any failings you may have so there is little self-doubt required haha (that is a tongue in cheek way of saying these ladies put up with a fuckload of shit when you don’t agree with their story or perspective online, don’t be arseholes and remember they are people and it is just their truth and story they are sharing.

They are not invaliding yours if it doesn’t line up with theirs. Don’t believe me about the hate dished out online to these women, read Emily’s take on it here – ).

There is so much crap on the internet, so much scare mongering and misinformation. One way to try and inform people could be to become a “cyber cop” and try and correct or inform on those kinds of information sources.

Another could be potentially more positive, just share better content of your own. Share messages, share stories, share with other parents and families stories of what worked for yours without judgement or force. It doesn’t mean it will work for them necessarily but it could provide someone else another option, maybe one they might not of otherwise considered.

Without anecdotal evidence there is no basis upon which to do research. In other words, if we aren’t sharing stories of the benefits to our families of carrier use, then there will be no justification for funding for further research.

And while there is extensive research, review and analysis of the use of kangaroo care with premature babies, there is comparatively few studies into the benefits of wearing older children, even for just the first “fourth trimester” periods of their lives…

In our modern world where so many rules and conditions are placed around the process of being pregnant alone, there still seems to be an absence of discussion about the “fourth trimester” and realistic expectations of the behaviour of babies and children.

Yes newborns want to be held all the time, that is normal.

It can also be difficult to deal with in our current world with all the other roles and jobs each of us has to upkeep and that can be frustrating. A carrier can help provide a sense of empowerment and freedom to many families, encouraging people to find it early in their parenting journey has the potential to help ease more of us through this difficult life transition.


And hey, if all these pregnancy apps and new parenting checklists have details like “now is the time to see the dental hygienist for a teeth clean”, surely it wouldn’t be so hard to add into the checklist, “check out your local sling meet” or “research which carrier might suit you”…?


Our words have power, our language has power.

These ladies have inspired and reminded me of that, which I’m really thankful because there are many hours of past blog posts which were never read and this process is letting me remind some of you who probably missed them at the time (that’s why you didn’t read them a?) of all those too and how the process of writing alone, was poignant in me working out what the fuck I am doing and how I am going to do it…


(ohh now I am on a role with the fucking swearing! The trick is talk while I type haha)

So even though you might not even know who I am or why I tagged you, thank you x


And if you want to win the LAST spare copy of this book I have available, head to my Facebook page and tell me, “What is one of the reasons you use a carrier or sling?”




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