Using a sling to support you breastfeeding

15 Oct
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So I shared with you some safety tips about feeding in a carrier yesterday, but I realise, it didn’t really give much of a guide HOW to do so…

If you’re still a bit lost as how to do it in whatever option of sling, wrap or carrier you have, check out this great article on the Sheffield Sling Surgery page – Breast & Bottle feeding Safely in a Sling

Rosie is a wealth of knowledge and great resources and in this article she outlines some various tips about feeding in woven wraps, stretchy wraps, ring slings and buckle carriers specifically so there of information about specifics there.



Another point about feeding and slings and carriers is it doesn’t necessarily have to be a “feeding on the go” situation. These tools can also just be used to support your arm!

If you didn’t already know, newborns particularly can feed A LOT! So much so there is a whole market of pillows and chairs and other items to help breastfeeding Mum’s bear the weight of holding baby in this position for large proportions of the day (and night!).

You actually don’t need as many items as are marketed to you as you new parents. That I can assure you of. But if you don’t believe me there are lots of other places and people who can tell you the same… Like here – Babies needn’t be expensive. Stop buying stuff.

The point is, if you have a wrap, sling or carrier you can use it in just the same fashion, standing or sitting… As a support for your arm…

You don’t even need to buy a specific sling or carrier, you can use a scarf or sarong or something you have around the house already!


Like this….



Thanks Raising Ziggy 🙂


And hey, awesome advantage, you can actually use your arm more…

It is a whole new post about drinking and breastfeeding here but in short, one glass of wine at the time you are actually feeding your child isn’t going to even get into your breastmilk at all in the time they are finishing that feed so lets just leave that topic for another day!

Personally, I didn’t have a drink for the whole nine months I was pregnant with my kids and I figure that’s long enough haha The night after Jai was born, I thoroughly enjoyed and savored that long awaiting and much anticipated glass of Malbec with my Mum and husband after we got the kids to sleep! So that probably gives you some insight into my views on the topic… 😉



Anyhow, back to the topic at hand…

Here is a video from Rosie showing how to use a stretchy wrap to do so.




I have shared this one because I know from talking to a lot of new mums a stretchy wrap can commonly be the carrier that people gift to them… They can also seem confusing and overwhelming..

They don’t have to be. And even if you are not too sure about having it tight and secure and safe for on the go (please head to a Sling Meet or find a local consultant, hands on help makes the world of difference!!) you may want to try this..


But remember the breastfeeding safety tips, check them out again here, these still apply is you are sitting or using it as a support!



To see more about general carrier and babywearing safety, see the post about An’So Child-Carrying Safety Guidelines.

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