Wrapping up Babywearing Week: and a massive thanks to my husband, James

08 Oct
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What an epic New Zealand Babywearing Week this year.

What an epic last month alone for me and my wee family. I have been working crazy long days and often totally ignoring my family. This has all been in an effort to really get the ground work I needed to do to sort out my head full of many crazy big dreams, goals and ideas and try an focus and get clear and concise about what I am doing.


I am the kind of person who needs deadlines, I gave myself one of Babywearing Week being my launch week. I feel like I have been in a bit of a cocoon phase, trapped in my own little world, only able to take information and nutrients from the direct source that surrounds me.

I really feel like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, bit after bit, I took “bites” out of more and more food (information/ideas/training/connections) and the Slingababy training was in a way a bit like the caterpillar’s Saturday in the story, where he ate soo much of soo many different things that he got a sore tummy.

After the plethora of information and experience that came from that intensive training, as well as networking experience which I feel was just as valuable, for a good week, my head was just spinning.

There were so many different ideas, the inspiring conversations, varied stories for the passion and love of slings and carriers and all kinds of different takes and journey’s each of us had taken to get there. The various leads and ideas for spreading the love of babywearing just kept jumping up all over the place at me. I am a mind map kind of person and I will admit it was not the first time I found myself on the floor with vivid’s and a sea of mind maps on pieces of paper all around me.




I’m sure it wasn’t that the caterpillar didn’t enjoy the Saturday and the cake, ice cream, pickle, cheese, salami, lollipop, pie, sausage, cupcake and watermelon. But too much of a good thing is hard to stomach, or mentally digest in this metaphor.

So I had to lock myself away and get really clear and concise, and then make some plans to make that actually happen. I had to talk to people at the coal face of these concepts, I had to make sure I was talking to people who knew more than me.I had to find people who had similar values, ideas and passions. I had to work out a way to make this happen.


New Zealand Babywearing Week this year for me, was like the nice big green leaf that I needed to feel much better again.


And as it draws to a close, its like my thinking, my plans, my journey, has reached a process of transformation. It has form, it has shape. I not only now have hair brain ideas, lots of passion but plans. Like actually executable ones, which the structure, planning and process behind it that I would have done for a company in my prior business development and consulting work. One that facilitates stream lined processes where possible and attempts to minimise stages in work flow. One that means I can go to Playcentre with my kids in the morning and have systems and processes in place that let me try to balance this work/life gig, at least somewhat..


But without one person, none of this would have ever been possible.

James. My loving, patient, ever supportive husband.




Taking you back waaay to the beginning (Loss and Rainbows…), I didn’t even think I wanted to have children as part of my life’s journey until I met this man. Not only is he the amazing father to my kids but he has always believed in me, even when I was talking nonsense and didn’t know where my brain even was, he didn’t doubt for a second I would eventually find whatever it was that I wanted to sink my teeth into and become “my work” after kids..

I used inverted commas on the word work because I could have done many number of things after having kids, including going back to what I was pursuing before I became pregnant.. But nothing felt ‘right’ and he not only supported and facilitated me through taking my time to find the ‘right fit’ but encouraged and reminded me to do stuff I love and am passionate about along the way…

And this is it… X


James is seriously obsessed with the Bitybean, in fact he refers to it with Jai as, “our favourite little carrier”.




He has been telling me I need to post about it or give one away since, geez, I dunno, a week after I bought it at a sale at The Sleep Store. I had grand intentions of using it as the carrier I would take to the beach with the boys because the fine black sand just gets through everything and the Bitybean is a water carrier, as well as being a compact buckle carrier.

I have never yet taken it to the beach or near water, I once wanted to try it in the shower and James wouldn’t let me. When I tried to reason that the quick drying time was another advantage, he retorted that I had many other options, including a water ring sling, could I not just use something else… It has become his carrier.



I asked him to tell me something to write about the Bitybean and why it is his “go-to”, he replied, “Its lightweight, compact and comfortable, what more do you need to know?” so I guess that sums it up really! 😉


Check out my Facebook page at 4pm today when this giveaway will be loaded.

This is the last of my daily giveaways to celebrate on my page for NZ Babywearing Week, but I actually have much much more to tell you guys about, and because I want to hear from you and want your take on some of these ideas and concepts too, I have a bunch of carriers to giveaway alongside here in the coming weeks to encourage you to do so also 😉


Watch this space and Happy Babywearing Week 2016!


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