Another babywearing gateway: Kangatraining & Online Support Services

06 Oct
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Sling meets and consultant are some of the ways people may become introduced to more information about slings and carriers. In New Zealand we are really lucky that we have had voluntary sling meets for some time. Online support groups are also well established and YouTube videos make experimentation possible for lots of people, myself included.

So many of us learn first and foremost about all things babywearing from the internet. They are very strong groups of babywearers in New Zealand alone that are the main port of call for many of us for support, guidance, suggestions and troubleshooting…

They are like an online sling meet in a way and the “volunteer leaders” are the administrators of these groups. They work tirelessly and thanklessly to provide this service, cause that’s what it is at the end of the day, to all of us for free. For the love of babywearing. And it’s not an easy task.

There are the people who make tutorials, the educators around the world who spread the information and skills they have learnt along the way with others, for the love of babywearing.

There are the people who spend endless time giving feedback, advice, suggestions, links to other information and all sorts, and they do it for free, for the love of babywearing.

The online world of babywearing is one of love and exists for others to share the love too…

Most of us just want to get the message out more broadly, help more people find babywearing earlier in their parenting journey, help them find the freedom or the bonding or the intimacy or the convenience or whatever it was that made each and every one of us fall “in love” with our carriers and this concept and parenting tool.

The online world of babywearing is the “rabbit hole” required for many people to discover their own best solution, and sometimes yet another and another and another 😉 If you guys could just keep being kind and caring and generous people making it an awesome “party”, while I try to help give the “invites” out earlier.. Too many parents buy something that doesn’t work for them to help them carry their babies, if we can encourage them to learn more before they bought something, maybe we could prevent them being turned off in the first place.

Beyond the internet we are lucky to have another related service in New Zealand, Kangatraining. I actually bought the Kangatraining DVD after seeing someone post about it on NZBWMP when Josh was a baby, probably about the same kind of time that Bernetta was bringing the classes to New Zealand.

Kangatraining is a complete workout during which both cardiovascular endurance/flexibility and muscular capacity/strength are enhanced. It provides parents the opportunity to exercise, socialise and take time for themselves, even though they still have their baby with them. The trainers have knowledge and training in not only babywearing but pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and posture.


Me and Gustav at the NZ Babywearing Week Kangatraining fundraising event (2 Oct, 2016) because my kids ditched me to hang out with their dad and I didn’t want to miss out!! 😉



To all the NZ Kangatrainers and particularly, Bernetta (who has sadly now ditched us to go back home across the ditch hehe) thanks for paving the way for more mainstream acceptance of babywearing and providing the point of entrance you do for many other parents to “fall down the rabbit hole” too…


The name ‘Kangatraining’ comes from ‘Winnie the Poo’ where by the Kanga mother dotes on her playful and energetic baby joey Roo!


Current New Zealand Kangatrainers are:

Sherylee West Auckland –

Nicole Central Auckland –

Lisa East Auckland –

Georgiana Hamilton –

Susi Tauranga –

Ashley Taranaki –

Penina Wellington North –

Monique Nelson –

Alison Marlborough –

Alex Christchurch Central –

Phillipa Dunedin –

Fiona Wanaka –

Coming soon:

Rhea South East Christchurch (classes start term 4)

Esther South Central Auckland (classes start term 1)

Sarah A Christchurch North

Sarah M North Auckland



More about Kangatraining in New Zealand:



More about babywearing online:

The Babywearing Connection New Zealand –

NZ Babywearing Marketplace –

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Some good YouTube channels to look up include:

Slingababy, Je Porte Me Bebe, Wrap Them In Love, Wrapping Rachel

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