“just chill babe, but I locked the kids in the car…” 

01 Sep
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As I type this, I am trying to stop myself going crazy, potentially rocking in a corner or otherwise driving to the gas station my husband just called me from to smash the window and break my babies out! 
I sent my husband out with the kids to the supermarket this morning, I needed everyone out of my hair to pack, Josh has been feverish so we didn’t go to Playcentre and the mission to the supermarket has been long overdue. James said, “I’ll take both kids to the supermarket this morning so you can pack and then you can take the afternoon shift” (we try to spilt caring for the kids into two parts of the day if possible so we can both get work done). 
Great. Awesome. Good plan. 
As he was walking out the door I said, “can you fill up the car on your way home please? I’ve been meaning to get petrol”… Sure, no probs.. As you can see there was not meant to be much to this story… 
I was meant to share a picture with you of my over stuffed suitcase full of wraps and joke about wearing all the clothes I needed for a week cause I used up all my baggage allowance on carriers! 

But instead I am writing this in mama panic mode! I just had a call from my husband, “so it turns out stopping for gas wasn’t a great idea..” 
Me: “huh?” (in my little happy, child free bubble, pottering around the house, doing washing without anyone strapped to me or pulling on my pant leg) 

James: “well, I hoped out of the car to put the gas in, closed the door behind me and it locked itself with the keys in it…” 

Me: “what?! Where are the kids?!?” 

James: “locked in there, with the keys..” 

Me: *ensue panic mode* “Oh f#%*! Have you tried this? You need to do this..blah blah blah” 

James: “just chill babe. AA is on their way” 

Me: “are the kids ok?” 

James: “Jai isn’t very happy and Josh is just screaming at him about making too much noise…” 
So I am writing this… I have so much nervous energy that my babies arent ok and all I need to do is wait ten minutes until they get help but I just want to jump out of my skin!! 

Everyone is home safe and sound now, even having a rare synchronised nap after all the drama while James and I bitch endlessly about the stupid f#@ken car alarm and in what possible scenario you would actually want it to lock all four doors with the keys in the ignition but not running?! 
Pheeew! Deep breathes, is it to early for a drink?! It is Friday after all hahaha ? 

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