Period or pregnant?!? 

31 Jul
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Ok so I haven’t had a period since before Jai was concieved.. With Josh breastfeeding round the clock I didn’t get a period until he was 18 months old… Jai is currently 13 months old.. But I have dropped my pregnancy weight quicker this time round… 

It took me 18 months to fit my prepregnancy jeans after having Josh, coincidely about the same time I had my first period… But then again, it’s not soo coincidely at all.. I have mentioned before in blog posts about how I have Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and how that messes with my hormone levels… 

PCOS also is tied closely to weight gain and loss and not only effects on but repercussions off, weight loss or gain… Again, as I have mentioned in post’s before, I have been both unhealthy underweight and obesely overweight in my life (F#;@ you yo-yo!) 

But for over a week now I have been having the period or pregnant freak out.. My husband said, “well i hope your pregnant, you’re a b#tch when you have your period!” hahaha guess that shows where he stands! ? 

I initially want to rant about how much I hate having my period, but the contrast to how I nurture and celebrate pregnancy, yet moan about having a period, the exact thing that enables me to get pregnant in the first place seems a bit backwards… 

I gotta work on that… ?

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