Wearing my baby for my sisters wedding…

09 Jul
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​My little sister got married this year!! 

It was a beautiful event in a lavish setting… In Cabarita Beach, Queensland, Australia..  

But big events like weddings (not to even mention with travel!), can be stressful or difficult to manage at times with a baby in any setting.. And at my little sisters wedding, maybe more than other times, I was so thankful for babywearing, and on many occasions! 

My two boys were the paige boys and in all the excitement of meeting with the two flower girls and their mums, seeing Nanna and Aunty Kate and “all the flowers” (haha that was what struck Josh most apparently…) and Joshy being given the rings in a special box and his special instructions, and then walking down these big stairs and in front of all these people as his brother announced super loudly to everyone, “that’s the wedding rings in there!” as he handed the box to the best man… Jai was more than a little intrigued with the whole process! 

It was special and awesome but totally overwhelming to an overtired ten month old! Luckily as we walked through the gate and down the aisle, I had my hands free enough thanks to babywearing, that Jai could cling to me like a star struck little koala and I could also remind Joshy he needed to get to the other end of the aisle and not just smile and tell everyone he has the rings heheh 😉 

And look at Jai’s wee face.. He was actually trying to feed to sleep throughout the time we where in the bridal suite and stuff and I was joking but actually half concerned I might be walking down the aisle with a boob out hahaha but it was waaay to interesting to feed to sleep then obviously… Thank God! 

After Joshy had delivered the rings, the flower girls, my beautiful Mum and Sister had also come down the aisle and the ceremony started.. 

Jai started to grizzle and fuss so I just “popped a boob out” and he quickly feed to sleep as the ceremony went on.. 

He was out for the count before it was halfway through, during the pre drinks, family photos and start of the reception… All while strapped to me. 

I was able to be part of everything, have my whole young family involved in it and not have to miss any of the action. Despite my baby being on such a super overlapping naptime and grizzly period, totally not helped by the time difference. But because he was happy and sleeping on me, I didn’t have to go check on him somewhere else or have a crying baby to contend with… 

Even if he was asleep for all the family photos hahaha ? 

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  1. cripwithkids
    5 years ago

    A beautiful post. I just love this. You both look amazing and I especially love that he’s asleep in all the family pics as it just emphasises how amazing baby wearing is just as you have described. So so beautiful hun xx

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