Different ways to soften a wrap..

06 Jul
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“Breaking in” is the name of the process given to soften a wrap when it is new. The journey of me trying to break in this heavy duty Poe Chevron should give you just a little insight as to why woven wraps maintain thier sales value when sold second hand. Second hand wraps have often had someone else do all the hard work for you!

So I have already shared the process of washing, ironing and pulling repeatedly through the threads… But as expected, this beast of a wrap is going to need more work than that to become the beautifully thick floppy wrap I know it has the potential to be!

So what else can be done..?

Just some general manhandling, for lack of a better word, with a new ring sling will help the wrap soften around the rings. Just scrunching up the shoulder around the rings, I gave the wrap a good solid tug a few times.. This shoulder conversion is a box shoulder and quite wide around the rings which isnt helping when it comes to easy of threading the tail end. So by pulling and tugging on it a bit, it is helping settle the join to the rings to become a bit more narrow…


Knotting and braiding wraps is another way to help soften them, when it’s a ring sling it is shorter, usually more so than even a “shorty” wrap so you won’t get the same “plaited” braid look, well, I certainly didn’t with Poe Chevron!


You can also “knot” a wrap to help break it in, again, the resulting effect with a ring sling doesn’t look quite like it might with a woven wrap due to the shorter length, and Poe Chevron being so thick, because of the high GSM, meant it was even shorter again. 

The other obvious step in breaking in a wrap is to wear and use it. The more you do so, despite any of these other methods, which are ineffective, just trying to replicate the same “man handling” you will give it by wearing it. 

When I first got this, it was waaay to stiff and heavy for me to get a good carry in it easily with Jai, my smaller beast, and it was ok with Josh (3.5) but just too tough to tighten with Jai in it. Today I picked it up as it was the first thing to cross my path when the alarm service guy came and it was soo much easier to thread and tighten through the rings already! 

It probably would have found sleepy dust for my grizzling teething wee dude but I was worried it wouldn’t be very easy to transfer out of and the alarm guy had gone so I pulled him out for a sleep before transfering him into his hammock. 

Will probably give it another wash, steam iron and threading through the rings treatment again but it may well take place as my go to ring sling in general at this rate! 🙂

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