Cloth nappies… Good for bums, the environment and your wallet!

26 Jun
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Cloth nappies are not at all what they used to be… With squares of fabric you had the pretie, pin and cover, cloth was mainstream until the mass production of super absorbent polymer filled disposables..


At this point, I want to disclose, I am not anti disposial nappies or other products for that matter, in fact, I still use disposal nappies at night time cause I find my heavy wetting boys leak through night nappies.. But there are actually heaps of reasons to use cloth nappies…

The economic reasons…

As per the break down which is pretty extensive on The Nappy Lady website, in disposables, nappies will cost you over $4,000 per child. Cloth nappies not only can be resused obviously, but usually they will last you more than one child.

My biggest dude toilet trained around the same time my youngest was born (differentiating and celebrating that he was different to the baby helped hugely…), and besides some newborn nappy additions to my stash (we didn’t invest in cloth until my eldest was probably 8 or 9 months old…) which have already been handed over to the next newborn to be in my family, I had everything I needed for my second borns bum before he was born!

Jai in one of his first cloth nappies at a few days old ?

The Nappy Lady estimates a basic cloth nappy cost comparison to disposables to be under $1500.. That comparison factors in washing costs just for the record… But I have totally spent more than that, which brings me on to my next point…

The pretties!!

Only reason I have spent more than that in nappies is not because I needed too, although a bigger stash does let me get away with being more lazy in terms of my nappy wash, dry, stuff turn around process, it’s because there are so many cool ones out there that I loved!


For Christmas this year, Santa bought Mr 6 months old, probably the most elaborate boy pretty I have seen… Embroidered with Thomas, Percy and James as well as the Fat Controller (Thomas the tank engine if you are not familiar with who I am talking about
..) it was such a hit, Mr 3 actually questioned his toilet trained-ness and wanted to try it on too hahaha


Then there are the ones with tails and spikes and all sorts… If you have a girl, the equivalent I guess is ruffle nappies.. Ridiculously expensive but adorable, not unlike many other baby products though.

Dino tail nappy!!

For most of summer my second born worn just a cloth nappy and t-shirts… My mum actually specifically bought me shorts his size as though I didn’t have any pants for him hahaha ? but why would I cover those cute cloth bum designs?!


Most of the summer he was either put on the floor to worm around, worn, or sleeping in a hammock… Why add extra bulk and cover the pretties?! That’s my theory at least….

The environment

Ironically this point is one many cloth nappy fans tote as first evidence and reason for adopting them yet comes low on my list.. I’m environmentally conscious and all, don’t get me wrong, but convinence when it comes to my kids is high on the priority list and modern answers to convince often come at a cost to the environment…

So first to share a fact many people overlook with disposal nappies… The packet states, in small print mind due, they wouldn’t want to advertise this to heavily or the argument for disposables would suffer; poo should be put in the toilet before disposing of the nappy… Even with disposables…


So really many of us, us included, are using disposable nappies incorrectly in the first place.. The plastic and chemicals wrapped around human waste don’t do great things for our rubbish tips… They don’t break down the way they are meant, or maybe expected to…

It is better for the planet if we can each limit the amount of waste our household creates for landfills, using reusable nappies is a big way to reduce this.

The bum!

Not only are excess chemicals bad for our planet but putting them in direct touch with your babies genitalia 24/7 has effects we have never even studied. The chemical plasticides in our environment are a known scientific estorogen, encouraging young girls to hit puberty earlier in life and who knows what effects to our baby boys (scientists hypothesis lower fertility rates at least)…

Evidence has backed this up in recent years, I was about 13 when I first got my period, not too far off the norm at the time, the standard age girls get their period now is well before adolescence and actually the majority experience this in pre-teen years…

We can’t help but expose them to some more chemicals than were present when we may have been kids, but cloth nappies is one way we can limit the amount of direct exposure of chemicals we don’t really know the long term effects from to our babies.

Jai at his first birthday which was rainbow themed!!

At the very least, I have first hand experience of the drying nature of disposable nappies with my eldest sons nappy rash.. He was a summer baby. Still in nappies at the age of one, again in summer, I noticed how much more his skin irritations flared up when it the was plastic of disposables pressed up against his skin when compared the cloth nappies..

Like baby carriers, there is sooo much chose on the market nowdays and it is nothing like the limited choose offered to our parents. Modern cloth nappies are not only cost effective, good for the environment and bums but also attractive, easy to use and able to be used for multiple children!


Consider them as an option at least, you don’t have to be an eco-saving hippy to reap benefits!! ?

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