Hands on help and practise!

12 Jun
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When it comes to trying something new with babywearing, whatever that maybe, a new carrier, a new carry, a different style of carrying or wrapping, nothing beats hands on help.

Youtube tutorials are great and there is so much great stuff that can be learned from them, but even still, myself, I find them most useful as a prompt or reminder after someone has shown me something new in the flesh. Having someone who can “spot you” to make sure baby is safe, can reassure you were you are going right and redirect you if it starts to go wrong, someone who can literally respond to that exact situation and provide really relevant feedback in real time… Nothing beats that!

That is largely where sling meets come in.. If you are new to the world of babywearing, checking out a sling meet locally to you is your absolute best way to learn as much, if not more, than you need to know. If you are in New Zealand, a list if groups and meets around the country can be found here – http://nzbwingmarketplace.weebly.com/nz-babywearing-groups-and-consultants.html

If none of those options work for you, see if you can find a certified consultant in your area.. Or a friend who is a babywearer (we love enabling each other hahah) or if none of that works, message or email me and we can chat or Skype… It’s not meant to be hard, in fact sometimes it’s so simple that it seems complicated.. This is just a part of parenting we are having to retrain ourselves in as recent generations have forgotten it… But it can take that bit of practise and perseverance, with some options more than others…


In terms of having someone help you with something, then going home or they leave and you try it again for yourself and get tangled in knots… That’s totally normal. At least in my experience… Like most things in life, wearing your baby or using whatever carrier, sling or wrap of your choice is so much about practise. Those people who seem “pro” at it, those who make it look easy, they have just done it many, many times before!

The ring sling is a great example.. I am a HUGE fan of them, I have used one with Jai pretty much every day since he was born for at least short periods. I got my first ring sling when Josh was only 18 months old and going through a stage of just wanting to be held on my hip, but my spine wasn’t coping!

It was then after getting some improvement through lots of osteotherapy and pilates that I bought the ring sling and said to him “it hurts my back to hold you on my hip, you are took heavy now. I can’t carry you but I can wear you for a short time in the sling in you want?”

My point is I have used a ring sling for over two years now.. At first, I don’t actually have many photos to cringe at but I’m sure they would be cringe worthy, I didn’t even realise I was meant to create a seat by pulling some of the fabric up between us… In the early days I imagine Josh was purely supported through his back and under his arms which is not at all how they are meant to be used, but it served it’s purpose. It help me keep my spine in an ergonomic position when I carried him on my hip for short periods of time.

So now, especialy when I am out and about for short trips, I often use a ring sling… And I am aware my level of practise makes it look easy! Often the first thing people will ask me about is a ring sling, saying they perceived it to be simple and quick.. And when I use it, with over 2 years practise, a lot of that daily use, it does look simple…

[vimeo 170347675 w=500 h=281]

But ring slings actually have a bit of a learning curve to them. Once you have got the hang of it and have a bit of practise, it is easy and comfortable, even for big kids, especially if it is only for a short period of time.

I guess my point is, don’t be put off by the fact that trying new options or styles can be totally daunting… It seriously is only practice and perseverance and before you know it, you will be offering tips and advice yourself to others new to this sometimes confusing and overwhelming world of babywearing and they will be watching you strap or wrap your baby to you, thinking that exact same thing…

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