The constant “second guess”…

12 May
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I’m sure it’s just part and parcel of being a mum… But, what’s up with the second guessing we do of ourselves?!

I’m not gonna go into details, as the point is that part is irrelevant and so much based on independent & individual context and situation, but regardless of our choices, I’m sure we all have the second guessing part in common…

Either your work outside the home and worry about how much time your child is in someone else’s care (me at a different stage with my eldest) or you work from home and can’t get the balance right…

Maybe you have your child in someone else’s care from an early age and guilt yourself about it (again me at an earlier stage from now with my eldest) or you leave it too late to enrol them or get them on some kind of wait list and then when they are showing they are ready for independent time, you can’t provide it immediately (my current situation with my eldest!)..

Either you are involved with their early education (like through an organisation like Playcentre) were you see and experience every uncomfortable moment they go through (and take them on board personally-I’m sure this shit affects me for longer than my kids!) and try to help and guide them through them or you are more removed and have to try and help them through those kind of situations with a seperated understanding of it..

None of them are easier than the other, none of them are a “superior” choices than the other… This child rearing shit is hard… Sometimes more than others…

There is no rule book. There is no right and wrong. There is only what works for your family, or everything else.. But shit are some days harder than others regardless of the choices and decision you make.. 

Sometimes it just feels like you are never getting it right!

But that’s ok, that worry, that anguish.. That bit means you’re a good parent right? That you are worried about it, that means you are doing the best you can.. And that’s all any of us can do right? Right?!

Some child labour this afternoon.. Home Reno’s are my happy place and Mr 3.5 years wouldn’t leave me alone… So I recruited his help hahaha

Urgh! Is it bedtime yet?! I’m over today!

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