Introducing our newest “baby”… ‘Williamson’s Exotics’

08 May
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So my husband and I have a long term plan to not be in full time work if we can help it… That means juggling lots of different work options and having quite a few varied projects on the go at once.

Egged on by me and slightly inspired by the fact that working towards becoming a babywearing consultant has let me endulge my interest and passion for all things babywearing, my husband, James, has decided to take the plunge and set up our long talked about wee nursery and exotic plant and tree sales business.

So we have just launched our Facebook page, Instagram account and blog! To celebrate we are having a competition and giveaway!!

Enter competition here 🙂

I will probably be doing a big more blogging about gardening type stuff as well as getting my hands dirty alongside hubby so if you want to follow along with this new project of ours, we would love your support!!

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