One of my favourite babywearing accessories

06 May
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One if my absolute favourite babywearing accessories has to be the “rear view mirror”..

It’s a retractable convex mirror that clips easily to any child carrier and gives you a full view of your child. Simply pull it out, check your child, and then it retracts back. It attaches to your carrier with a carabiner.


They are perfect for checking visually on a bubba on your back, I particularly find them useful to assess positioning or seeing if I need to adjust if bubs falls asleep on my back! Before I had one of these I often used the selfie camera on my phone to check on the child on my back, but the shape of these and convenience makes them a heaps better option in my view..


Joshy loves it and will occasionally pull it out while we are walking down the road and say “do I look ok?… Yep, I look good…” repeating and answering the question I usually pose as I pull it out hahaha ?

There is still one of these up for grabs on the competition on my Facebook page ( which I didn’t expect would still be unclaimed! All you have to do is answer the question, “how many carriers did we take on our five day holiday?” correctly in your first guess!! 😉

If you haven’t already, enter the competition by adding your guess here –

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