Babywearing while travelling.. You took 9 carriers?!

06 May
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Yep that’s right.. We went on a five day holiday and took away with us nine carriers!! Airports and travel is one place babywearing comes into its own big time!

So this time, unlike last we travelled with two kids, I didn’t limit myself to the options I took!


And of all those we took, there was only two we didn’t use. One was the water ring sling, which like the kids wetsuits and all our togs, didn’t end up getting used either as we didn’t go for a swim in the end… The other, a back up/alternative option for my sisters navy and white themed wedding (I also had extra shoes and dresses and all sorts for the event).

The wrap I actually used for the wedding was a Ellevill Silk Blue in a Robins Hip carry.

The Bitybean (top left hand corner) was also used by hubby, it’s still his current favourite, but I didn’t manage to get an action shot of it. Besides the Bitybean, he also used the Lenny Lamb SSC to carry bubs and give me a break sometimes!


Babywearing at the airport alone is worth wonders! Being able to check in and not having to go to a different counter to check in a pram is worth it alone. Trying to manage bags, baby and preschooler through early morning flights, customs and while out and about travelling would be made so much harder for us without the ability to strap them to us!

For the actual airport and flying part of the process, my personal preference is both a ring sling and a woven converted Mei Tai. The ring sling I use for customs and security clearance, often they want me to take baby out and we also tend to just strap the kids into the car half asleep in thier pjs so need changing once we get there etc, the ring sling is perfect for those quick ups and downs.

The Mei Tai with wrap straps give me more support and comfort if my baby wants to feed or sleep on the plane which often happens. They also both fold down pretty compactly making them easy to travel with.. I made a video to demonstrate how I fold them down for travel in my manic packing state last week.

You can see the video and competition post here –

Babywearing is also awesome visiting places like Tropical Fruit World or Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary that we went to! No need for ins and outs of a pram to go on tractor rides, boat rides, miniature trains… Also the petting zoos and other terrain we visited largely wasn’t pram friendly…


Also the opportunity to experience things at adult level when being worn in these kind of experiences is pretty cool I think! Jai got to pick his own banana and crack a macadamia nut alongside his big brother, in range as he was attached to my hip.


And then of course, we always take a toddler carrier, this trip we took the Lenny Lamb SSC toddler sized at Josh’s request. It is not often he wants to be carried through I do admit to using it as a threat/consequence when he tries to run away or not listen particularly in the airports. Also there was a time where he fell asleep in the car ride to the wildlife park, we couldn’t yet check into our hotel, it was too hot to just sit in the car, Jai hates driving for too long so doing a cruise wasn’t an option.


Our solution, strap a sleeping Josh to my husband’s back and start our tour of the wildlife park while he finished his nap… Which allowed him to wake up slowly and adjust to his surroundings from the safety and security of his dad’s back.

Walks on the beach are yet another place I find babywearing heaps more practical than a pram. Plus the white noise provided by the waves and ocean and a feed, had Jai asleep in less than ten minutes into our stroll along Cabarita Beach before we went and got ice creams!


So I posed the question on my Facebook page, “how many carriers do you think we took on our five day holiday?”

So the nine we took where (in order left to right as pictured in the photo grid) Bitybean, Lenny Lamb standard sized, Diva Essenza Mei Tai, Kozy Carrier Mei Tai, Ellevill Silk Blue size 6, Nature Baby Navy Ring Sling, Natibaby Oxytocin Ring Sling, KisKise Water Ring sling and the Toddler sized Lenny Lamb.

Wanting to share one of my favourite babywearing accessories with someone, I had up for grabs a babywearing “rear vision mirror” to the first person with the correct answer (limited to only one guess per person, sorry Joanne!! I didn’t mean to make those terms of winning so complicated hahah) and that person happened to be….. RACHEL KALH!

Congrats Rachel and thanks for playing along everyone!


Jai in the “rear vision mirror”

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