Homemade baby wipes

05 May
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So I’m into anything that saves me money right.. And I am a big fan of cloth nappies (but that’s another post in itself!) and find that using disposables and commercially produced baby wipes often tend to exacerbate nappy rash on both my kids.. 

When my baby was exclusively breastfeed, we tended to just use like make up removers or cotton pads with some warm water when doing nappy changes instead of wipes… Once they start soilds, the game totally changes and for us using liners was even more important in terms of stream lining the process… And sometimes, water didn’t cut it anymore.

I admit, the convinence of store bought wipes took over for quite sometime… Particularly when out and about. But we were seeing more irritation and going through a heap of them! We had tried paper towels with a water bottle but it just wasn’t as convinent…

So I saw this great video on Facebook by Mama Joy but hadn’t tried her technique. It was only after getting some Tupperware for my pantry and had an extra 1.7L container that looked like it would fit the half cut paper towel roll perfectly that I decided to try it.


So after hacking the paper towel roll in half, I got a big tablespoon of coconut oil, a few squirts of baby wash and just under a cup and a half of boiling water in a jug and mixed it all up.

Then after stuffing the paper towel into the container, I just slowly poured it over, making sure to cover the edges of the cardboard liner (see Mama Joy video for more details). Once it’s soaked in, you can easily pull out the cardboard tube and you can pull the wipes from the centre.

Then by adding the pour top off the Tupperware container, it was like such a convenient hack that makes the homemade baby wipes just as convinent as store bought!


Plus I used some from the portable wipe packet I have (one of those Huggies refillable ones) to clear the facepaint off myself at Playcentre this morning and felt first hand just how much more moisturing and soothing they are than the drying feel of store bought baby wipes!

Never going back! 😉

(if you need details for an awesome Tupperware consultant, my friend is a great contact, talk to Jan –jan_junior@windowslive.com

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