“Life’s a great balancing act”

26 Apr
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Dr Suess was a wacky but clever guy.. He pretty much sums up life in the book, “Oh the places you’ll go” which I read out loud on the regular!


I have always lived a pretty busy life, juggling balls was something I once considered myself pretty good at…  But then I had kids!

Now, I am an active Playcentre mum and office holder in my centre so half the week I am usually covered in paint and sand, teaching my child through play in an awesome setting with other like minded parents. That also obviously comes with also attending meetings, doing office work occasionally and participating in training and upskilling myself to be a better teacher to our tamariki.

The other half the week, I juggle a whole lot of different “baskets” of work… I manage a couple of rental properties, occasionally (very rarely these days!) I still do some freelance consulting work in HR or social media for businesses which was my focus before having kids. I am also in the processes of setting up my own business and completing certification training to become a babywearing consultant. I have a library for hire I am working on building up, cataloguing, labelling etc… I do spend a lot of time researching, reading about babywearing particularly and planning future business endeavours. I am always trying to maintain an active social media presence and obviously there are the ramblings on this blog 😉

At the same time, I am trying to be present and available to my children, not be addicted to my phone, make sure I at least sometimes clean the house, keep our animals alive and happy, make sure the laundry isn’t too overloaded with shitty nappies and dirt covered clothes, get dinner on the table every night, answer questions about life and death & other random thoughts of a 3.5 year old (like “Why does Saturn have rings but not earth?”), play both referrer and body guard between sibling battles, change nappies, breastfeed, read books, play trains… F*€k, the list is endless…

Oh, and of course, the one thing, a key ingredient to making all of this even possible, which I ironically even forgot to mention; was self care, looking after myself.

And it’s ironic, cause its so damn true to life, the last thing on most of us mums list is ourselves… And that balance is bloody hard to achieve. I find it especialy hard that my kids can cry and whinge much louder than my body does to me, or rather, I can ignore my body more easily in most cases…

Balance is not only hard to achieve, but even harder to maintain, I would even go so far to as to say impossible to perfect… I guess it’s just one of those constant struggles that comes with “adulting”. And I think that innate, inbuilt part of us as Mum’s to forget ourselves in all of this is why it is so important to me to have some kind of work outlet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being at home to be part of this stage of thier lives, it does go so bloody quickly! I can’t believe my eldest is school age next year! But at the same time, being just “Josh and Jai’s Mum” makes the constant and relentless requests of little people all the more overwhelming and suffocating!

I am very grateful and happy with all the things that fill my time but sometimes it’s like with so much on my plate, it’s no wonder the me-time and self care gets easily dropped off the list!

But I’m already kicking arse at it this week, today, I got a hair cut! Tomorrow I’m getting my nails done and Thursday I have a pilates session, all of which are long long overdue for… It maybe because I have my sisters wedding on the weekend but I’m calling it a win for self care anyway! 🙂

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  1. cripwithkids
    5 years ago

    I love this post so much. My fav things about this..Dr Seuss – amazing. That guy must’ve have been tripping balls! How awesome that we get to read his incredable nonsense to our kidlets..You juggling balls….? Lol i just have the best image in my head right now ? and “adulting” -best word I’ve eva heard. Love your blogs xx

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