Where did the last year go?!

25 Apr
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I am constantly reminded at the moment how time sometimes doesn’t seem one dimensional and linear..

My baby is nearly one. My baby is nearly not at all a baby but rather a toddler and my big kid will be school aged next year! Next year?! What the hell??

Tanks & Tokidoki – Anzac Parade 2016

On Anzac day last year I was heavily pregnant with Jai, Joshy on my back at the very same Parade we went to this morning, but today with Jai strapped to me, holding Joshys hand while he climbed up on the tanks with the other bigger kids…


Waimauku Anzac Parade, 100 year celebrations, 2015

And on one hand I could go on and on about time flying, how quick kids grow up and I have no idea where the time has gone… But on the other, I know exactly where the time has gone cause I haven’t slept on my own terms in over four years, I have been breastfeeding for over three of those, and pregnant for the other time; a little person has literally been sucking the life out of me.

I could go on more about how I know time has passed, but to be honest, right now… I’m just too tired! I want to go claim a space in my bed while now one else is yet in it and no one needs something, usually me… Touched out and tired! ?

It’s another one of those overly true cliques you hear but man, the days truely are long, but the years are short!

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