Feeding on the go!

17 Apr
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Breastfeeding and babywearing go hand in hand. The closeness of babywearing helps release hormones in those early days which will increase your milk production.

Once you feel confident about latch and breastfeeding in general, and you also feel confident about wearing your baby in which ever version of wrap or carrier of your choice, let me invite you to try something that will actually change your world as a breastfeeding mum; feeding on the go.

I don’t know how I would have gone grocery shopping and kept my sanity with a newborn (as my baby would have lost the plot and a 2.5 year old in a supermarket is a special kind of torture alone!) this time around if I wasn’t able to feed on the go!

There are only minor tweaks and adjustments needed to make this possible, in most, I would even go so far as to say, all carriers. I am yet to find one I can’t feed in but my babies are boob monsters and constantly feed for at least the first year of life it seems, so this has been a huge survival tactic for me l, especially with a 2.5 year old and a newborn!


Breastfeeding on the go with a friend, Nessa and her baby, Sophie. Both of us wearing open tail ring slings.

It has also helped us adjust to a family of four and help my eldest son and I keep doing things we have always done together, despite him now also having to share me with a boob hungry bubba!

Sometimes it’s the only way to get dinner made…

Feeding in most carriers just requires you to drop the carry slightly lower (loosen off rings, loosen one side of you shoulder straps etc) and position your baby at the level of your boob before uncovering and helping them latch on if required.

Babywearing at Playcentre, only way to juggle needs of different ages and stages of my kids for us anyway! (in a Diva Essenza Mei Tai)

If you feed a baby in a carrier or wrap and make adjustments to do so, it is important to readjust and tighten again once they have finished feeding. Always required but particularly important if they have fallen asleep… Plus it will save your back, having a low front carry can be quite strenuous on the shoulders and/or back.


Breastfeeding the baby to sleep while supervising and splashing in the shallow river water with Mr 3.5 (in Natures Sway Pouch Pack)

It may not be completely hands-free, I often use one arm to support my baby’s head, the freedom to even just at least walk around while also feeding your baby can be a game changer I think! 😉

And breastfeeding in a carrier or wrap can be very discrete, I find it particularly helpful when my baby is going through that “popping on and off” phase where they can get easily distracted and drop their latch, wearing them can not only help provide more coverage (I sometimes pull the top rail of my ring sling really high in these cases, covering my boob and bubbas mouth so when he “pops off”, no one can directly see my nipple)

Wearing Jai (7 months) in a Nature Baby open tail ring sling and feeding in Laila & Spot tshirt dress with hidden zips makes breastfeeding on the go also really discrete!

I have had more occasions than I can count where someone has gone to talk to Jai directly, look into the carrier at him or touched him while I am wearing and also breastfeeding him, and then been taken aback or apologetic when they do realise. Other times, I just have my boob just right on out there.. to be honest, after like almost 3 years of breastfeeding between both my kids so far already, I’m often more concerned about convenience rather than discretion!

(don’t mind the sloppy as wrap job in this photo + the fact my boob is like just full on hanging out! Haha)

Have you uncovered the freedom that comes from feeding on the go? If you are unsure what kind of adjustments might be needed in your carrier, comment below and I can offer specific tips or message me at https://facebook.com/babywearingwithjess/

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