Five reasons why I wear my baby..

15 Apr
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There are endless contexts and reasons why babywearing rocks, but here are just five of the main reasons that I wear my baby.

1.Because my babies have always wanted to be held. Like, always.

Obviously, most newborns like to be held, it’s that whole “fourth trimester” thing, and my two have been no exception to that rule. In fact, both of them have continued to want to be held the majority of the time for much longer than that.

Jai at 3 days old in a ring sling

And my kids have both been big boys, my ten month old is over ten kilos. In order to save my back and arms for that matter, I feel not only the support provided by the wrap or carrier is helpful, but the fact that by using a decent one, I am forced into a more ergonomic way of supporting thier weight.

2. So I can easily transport them places without having to consider if it is pram friendly or not.

There are many walks we like to do which are not pram friendly, in fact the road we live on is unsealed and has no footpaths, just ditches to each side of the gravel road. So while I admittedly haven’t tried walking with a pram out these ways, it’s just not safe in my opinion. As it is when we hear cars coming at all, we all stop and jump across the ditch into the bush because of the speed people travel out on these rural roads!

Walking down the road with Josh on my back in a Natures Sway Pouch Pack at 20 months to take the neighbours donkey a carrot ?

Also as a side note, my eldest particularly hated prams with a passion. At best I could convince him to sit in it for ten minutes at a time before he would lose the plot and I would end up strapping him to me and pushing an empty pram home, or often it wasn’t empty, in fact it worked great to walk home filled with groceries when we did live in walking distance to shops and in a place with footpaths and street lights!

3. To get sh*t done.

See point one. In order to get anything done ever, be it getting dinner on the table, hanging out the washing or writing a few emails, I usually wear my baby (or otherwise they would be hanging off my hip which does some major damage to pre-existing injuries for me so I try to avoid it).

In domestic goddess mode, messy hair, half naked children hanging off me, trashed kitchen, but, we made some muffins!

Babywearing has become an invaluable tool for both my husband and I when we are just around the house and property trying to do odds and ends with the baby in tow. He gets to see and be part of what we are doing which keeps him both happy and safe (he is a younger brother on the move after all!) and we get our hands free, win win.

4. To help adjust to being a family of four and helping me meet both the needs of a newborn and a toddler.

Babywearing has become invaluable for us as a family since my youngest son was born. He was worn in the first day of life outside the womb and pretty much just went from my puku to my chest in that transition… Even in that first day of his life I thanked the universe we had found babywearing before he was born as it let me bath my eldest before his dad put him to bed, a routine that we had set in place in the months before he became a big brother.

Helping Dad shovel dirt and move a trailer load of soil to our new planter box, Jai 2 months old and in a stretchy wrap.

It let me play in the garden and splash in muddy puddles with my big dude while my newborn got to be cuddled close and warm to his mum making us all happy. It let us bake and walk and do all the things that we had enjoyed and done together before there was a newborn in the house, because strapping my newborn to me, meant I was still able to be part of those normal activities which I just couldn’t do if I had a baby in my arms.

Even now Jai is ten months old, there are times often when he wants a feed or wants to be held and Josh will want a sandwich, or me to help him with his bike or whatever situation you can imagine a three year old needing something…

5. The security, closeness and cuddles babywearing brings.

There have been numerous times that I can think of that either of my kids has just been losing the plot and the best tool in my parenting artillery has been to strap them to me and walk around somewhere quietly.

As a grizzling teething eight month old cutting four teeth with blood blisters on his gums and biting my boobs everytime he try to feed, Jai was strapped to my back regularly around nap time and I would walk off into our little bit of native bush on our section to watch the birds flitting between the branches and it would immediately chill him out and often put him to sleep.

Less than 10 minutes between these shots

When Josh had his big operation at three and had his tonsils and adenoids removed and a new set of grommets put in, wearing him when he was in severe pain between doses of his meds or when he was just losing it screaming and trying to run away from the pain, I just put him in our toddler tula and walked up off the road and each time he would eventually stop crying and whimpering and fall asleep… (I wrote more about this in other posts)

When my kids have had a really big fall or scare, when they are sick, when they feel scared or uncomfortable… In any of these times, babywearing has majorly saved my arse, hence making it one of my favourite tricks in my parenting toolbox at this age and stage of both my kids particularly!

I would love to hear why others wear their babies! Why do you wear yours? If you want to know more about Babywearing, message me on my Facebook page –

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