“He’s too big to be carried!”

13 Apr
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I’ve heard it for actually years now but as my eldest gets older, and obviously bigger, the comments and opinions seem much more prevalent.. “he has legs that work, he should use them!”

That was the most recent.. And unusually so, I found myself defending him, and me, and the decisions we make… My big kid is a physically affectionate little dude.. It’s one of his main love languages… He got that from me. I am that way too with the people I love.

But for him, being worn isn’t so much about tired legs.. Well I mean it is sometimes when we go walking, but I’m talking like after 5km.. He is a big walker.. We all are, it’s a family thing..

In fact bushwalking was what led my husband and I to discover babywearing. It had been a favourite past time for us both and something we did a lot together so when my eldest was born, we looked for a way to still do that. And the kind of walks we like are not pram friendly, it’s a case of the more remote, the better… We like to seek out the path less travelled and discoveries and the unknown is part of the adventure.

And our big kid loves that too.. There is not the same chance of uncovering insects, identifying different fungi species and being the first around the unknown corner when you are strapped to your parent. All things our little explorer relishes in..

But still, sometimes paths can be dangerous or little legs get tired on the hill back up and in those times, we still wear our big dude.. And obviously our little one who comes along for the ride…

But for our biggest dude, babywearing is often about the closeness and the cuddles and the security and love that are part of that…


From about eighteen months old, he got too heavy for me to carry in my arms without some kind of sling.. My back was giving out holding him on my hip.. That was in fact when we got our first ring sling. From that time on, I have always said to him, “you’re too big to be held in my arms, but I can wear you if you like”…

And now I seem to have passed on my “fluff” addiction to my kids ? every carrier or wrap through those door, they both want to try it.. And look at that cuddly smile! 

I will say yes as long as he asked to be carried because I know, it’s not too far in our future that he won’t want me to carry him anymore and one day, that his kisses and cuddles will be focused on someone else.. I want to savour it while I can! ?

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