The world lost a kind hearted soul yesterday…

04 Mar
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There are times when life throws you a curve ball so intense that you don’t even see it coming in your peripheral vision and it just smacks you in the face…

This morning was one of those times.

We had shocking news of a good friend of ours tragically passing away unexpectedly.


My husband worked closely with Andy for a number of years. Katie, his partner, and I were pregnant at the same time. We were all four of us, first time parents together, going from sharing epic nights of partying and other international adventures to playdates & birthday parties for little people.


My heart is breaking for these guys. Andy was a kind, good hearted and loyal man who will be greatly missed.

Cause some havoc up there Andy and have a drink with Dad for me x


For support with grief, particularly with young people, please check out Skylight, they run a volunteer support service and have amazing resources available.

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  1. Nardia
    5 years ago

    Sorry to hear that Jess, its always absolutely heartbreaking when its so unexpected.

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