“Ready to resume normal activities”!

02 Mar
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My wee dude is an articulate little thing, he said to me a few days ago, “I am feeling better Mum, I think soon I might be ready to resume normal activities!” with a big smile on his face..

So we went and splashed in muddy puddles ?


It was the first time in two and a half weeks, since the operation, that he hasn’t asked to go up!

Which is great news for his cuddley little brother too who has been able to have a few “wrap naps” since, which is the best way either of my children have always napped, strapped to me!

This morning we had our follow up appointment with the ENT who agreeded he is indeed “ready to resume normal activities”! He is healing well, the grommets look like they have taken perfectly and the scabs at the back of his nose and throat have fallen away just as they are meant to and are healing nicely!

He didn’t even need pain killers last night! Yay! We made it!

Now just time for my husband and I too make sure we focus on topping up our own buckets this week as while he is feeling great, both of us feel zapped and strung up!

But again, yay! We all survived and he will be all the more better for it! And I’m so thankful we don’t have to do that again (well for this child anyway hahaha)!

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  1. Donna ann
    5 years ago

    Your are so beautiful Jess Ann God Bless you and your boys xxx love and light

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