Covered in children!

24 Feb
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There is a bit of a joke in my household that I am always covered in children… Mr 3.5 loves it and declares so as he leaps into my lap while I’m breastfeeding his baby brother.

But it’s been all that more difficult lately, given my eldest sons operation and subsequent neediness for “just mum! Only mum!” and the fact my 9 month old is a boob addict and can’t be without mum for more than a few hours at most…

Tandem carrying and a walk with the dog has become a key part to my survival strategy lately..


Today we managed 3kms, I figure that’s worth a whole lot more than that distance with nearly 30kgs strapped to me! And even if the dog helps pull us up the hills, they are killer on the quads with two kids strapped to you!

The funny thing is, people seem to be rather gobsmacked by this concept.. I have had people ask me how my back is doing after I upload a picture like that on social media, or the common, “he is too big to be carried” about my 3 year old..

The thing is, if I had him in a pram, no one would think anything of it.. We live on an unsealed road with no foot paths, this isn’t an option I can safely do and certainly wouldn’t enable me to walk the dog at the same time!

If I was giving him a piggy back cause his legs got tired mid walk, no one would think anything of it.. Do you know it uses at least 16% less energy to wear your children as opposed to holding them in your arms? (

Honestly, I may look and feel a little like a pack horse but it easier than them climbing all over me unrestrained hahaha this is how my husband found us when he had finished his work…


And that is for sure heaps harder work on my back than a walk with the dog with both kids strapped to me! ?

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