On the home stretch.. Almost!

18 Feb
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The ENT told us to expect some good days followed by some more bad ones post the operation as the scabs at the back of my poor kids nose and throat start to come away…

Well we did have a few better days earlier in the week where just after his pain meds, my wee guy actually left the bedroom, not all the way to the lounge, but at least off the bed. But the last 48hrs have been bloody rough! It’s taken some serious team work but I really think we might be heading toward the home stretch now finally…


So much love in this pic, despite how hard the last little while has been for all of us!! ??

It’s so hard seeing your child screaming in pain, no able to swallow without a painful whimper 🙁 I knew he must have started feeling better in the last few days as he started fighting me about the meds. So I tried dropping a dose and man did I feel guilty when it all got too much a few hours later and he couldn’t even swallow his own saliva let alone the bitter, stingy medicines he needs to have 15mls of! I honestly never thought I would say this, but thank god for sopositories! The first few days just the threat of having his medicine put up his bum if he doesn’t wilfully swallow them was enough to get him to happily gulp them down. But now as the scabs come away and it seems just as painful for him but without the morphine post op and he can’t even swallow-they have actually become a much easier way to administer them when he is in a state with all the pain!

I can see why all the post op team kept emphasising and building up the fact that good days would be followed by more worse ones before he really feels any better. But as any mum would know, it’s hard to see your kids in pain, it’s hard enough when they have a big fall and it’s all over in half an hour, but this has been a week now.. It’s really fucking draining if I’m going to be honest…  I know it’s not about me and I’m trying my best for my poor wee dude but man am I feeling it.

And last night, as if I wasn’t tired and strung out enough, the baby had a fever and was completely unsettled, timed to coincide with Josh’s first mostly settled night in soo long, and I think I got a total of one hours sleep if that. Then my big dude, as the meds are wearing off wakes up screaming just as I have got the baby to sleep… Urgh.. Come on home stretch! Why is it always that last part of your trip getting home that feels like it takes forever?!?


I very rarely carry my 3.5 year old in a front carry anymore usually. It is generally saved for bushwalks, the times I tandem wear both my kids (he is always on my back then) or the odd occasion he wants to go up while I am cooking or something as it has always been a way for him to engage in activities I am doing that he wouldn’t otherwise be included in generally. But this last week, even just the past few days, that thing has had a thrashing and more than earned it’s price tag!


Short walk up the road in the Toddler Tula has proven critical to being able to chill him out enough to have a sleep!


Poor kid still feels like shit, now he has a grumpy mum who also feels like shit, nothing on the pain he is going through but I am touched out, my bucket is empty.. I am sorry that means I snap at you husband, it’s really fuckn hard when everyone just wants mum… You are a champ and we are halfway there… The hardest parts are hopefully behind us now!

I’m holding on tight as we just continue to ride the crazy roller coaster. Thanks for being on the ride with me! ?


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