An update on my big boys progress post op

12 Feb
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Shit, I will admit when the ENT told me to expect it’s like having a newborn for 2-3 weeks post surgery I thought what the fuck would you know about having a newborn… But as I cradled and rocked my screaming three year old in my arms I realised he may have had a point.

My eldest son, Joshy, had an adenotonsillectomy (adenoids and tonsils out) & bilateral grommets on Friday morning. He came around from the anaesthetic in a lot of pain so they gave him a double dose of the morphine before they bought him through to recovery. He slept for five hours in the day stay ward before they had to wake him again for more pain meds.


Dad cuddles helped settle him back to sleep ? My in laws watched Jai for a while for us, I actually just strapped him to my father in law and he had nap on him. After a while though my boob monster wanted Mum & was also a little bit anxious about where his brother was and what was going on.


Man I’m not sure what we would do without babywearing!

When he did finally wake up the little trouper demolished an iceblock and then said, “can I have my ice cream and jelly now?” to the nurse. He also ate a ham sandwich before sculling two glasses of water. Which was good as drinking is the key thing they need to be doing before they let them go home.


He was groggy from the extra pain meds but doing well until they started to wear off properly after he went to bed. This operation is hard & painful at any age but it’s hard for littlies to understand it.. He kept waking up screaming in pain, the morphine had worn off and we couldn’t give him anything else for a few hours.

He literally jumped up screaming “no! Stop it hurts!” as though someone was inflicting it on him in that moment and after screaming and jumping up and down he tried to run away from the pain and nearly ran right of the bed. I caught him and just rocked and cuddled him telling him “I know it really hurts sweetie, I’m sorry, it’s really sore isn’t it?” he just screamed and cried “YES!” until he managed to drift off again.

He would be ok and then cough and the pain would just have him screaming again. After we were able to give him some more pain meds we all managed to get a few hours sleep but man is it hard seeing your babies in pain. I really feel for parents of really sick kids who are in and out of places like this all the time, it’s so fuckn hard!


Thanks to babywearing Dad has been able to settle our wee one while I focus on our big boy who is sore and feels gross and who just wants mum right now. So we are redefining “Netflix and chill”


This is day 2, after day 3 he is meant to feel a wee bit better for a couple of days before feeling pretty sore again for about another week after the scabs start to come away.. Poor kid.

But I am incredibly grateful that this is just an ENT op and in the long run is a really positive thing.

Anyway back to cuddling my big dude and following his lead on what he needs for the next wee while whilst also giving him meds every four hours round the clock! :/

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  1. cripwithkids
    5 years ago

    Lucky he has such awesome parents. You guys are the best! Hugs and more hugs from us all xxxx

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