Time out!

07 Feb
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Argh the difference a bit of time to yourself makes..I left the house mid morning today to have a child free lunch with some other beautiful mama friends of mine…

When I left the house, my three year old was hanging off my leg saying “but mummy I want you ALL the time!” whilst my baby was hanging off my boob, not actively wanting a feed but just wanting to know that the option is there… Desperate to just get out the house, I told them “mummy is going to an adults only place where mummy’s get to drink wine & talk about mummy stuff” which is pretty much what we did..

You know I don’t think we talked about much besides our kids, but them not being there to chase after probably made us like them just that little bit more. And when I got home the scenario was just the same, except when my 3 year old tugged on my (non breastfeeding friendly!) dress I appreciated he is just as physically affection as his mum and loves firecly with his whole self. And when the baby just wanted to hang off my (engorged and sore) boobs, I was thankful that it made me feel more comfortable and enjoyed his beautiful baby snuggles! And I was thankful for my husband and the amazing father and support he is for me that I can take a few hours to myself to fill my own cup.

Watch out, mum’s wearing make up and a non breastfeeding friendly dress 😉

Self care is so hard to prioritise as a mum, it often falls to the bottom of the list! But it’s so damn important for us to do. When it comes to babywearing, it’s important to remember it’s actually quite a workout and can be hard on your body.

You will find over time that you develop more ‘babywearing muscle’s’ (it’s great for your core and pelvic floor!) but it’s important to listen to your body. It’s also important to remember that everyone is different, what is comfortable and doable by one person is not nessicarily the same for another…

Also take care of any pre-existing injuries, I have done some damage to my neck and shoulder in the past so for me stretching (I aim for every night before I go to bed) and making sure I do some pilates and yoga is really essential to being able to keep my body strong and capable of carrying around two little people a lot of the time!

It’s also easy to get “touched out” if you like me wear your baby, sleep with your baby and generally always have a kid hanging off you! This is where a supportive & understanding partner who facilities and encourages you to have make time for yourself is invaluable! (love ya babe x ?)

Today I was reminded just how thankful I am, not only for my lovely husband, but for beautiful mama friends who remind each other we all need time out! Now I’m off to stretch before that baby of mine wakes up and wants to feed half the night!!

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