I am now “that mum”..

02 Feb
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We had our first session back at Playcentre today after the Christmas holidays.. It is always such a long break, particularly in preschooler world, that it is typical for it to be a particularly full on session!

Unexpected, I ended up being the canvas for a certain Miss 3 to create her painting master piece…


Babywearing & Breastfeeding, the Playcentre edition ?

I remember very clearly my first visit to a Playcentre with my eldest when he was not much older than my youngest is now.. We had been attending SPACE (supporting parents alongside continued education) which is a Playcentre initiative for bubs under one since he was three weeks old and I had already been bitten by the “Playcentre bug” and knew it would be something that would end up being a big part of my life while my kids are little..

But a pre tottling bubba on a busy Playcentre session is rather intimidating.. I remember as I first walked in seeing a mum dressed up as a fairy whilst cleaning the dishes.. I remember distinctly being rather taken a back by it…

Today, we had a visitor on session, another babywearing mama even (I was admiring your grey ergo, I’m sorry everything was too manic for me to actually get a chance to tell you that!), who just like me a few short years ago, looked at this crazy lady covered in paint with a look as I passed, much like the one I imagine I directed at the dishwashing fairy at my first visit and I realised, I have become “that mum”…

But not in a bad way at all, I instead felt empowered & confident that I am indeed the best first educator for my children, that I have learnt the value & importance of play and it’s relationship to learning.And that I discovered babywearing early enough to enable me to continue to play and learn alongside my three year old whilst also meeting my eight month olds needs…

My little dude had two “wrapnaps” today while we were on session, one whilst I was reading large picture books to at least roughly ten other children whilst other parents cleaned.. It’s not hard to see why there is a bit of a prevalence to babywearing in the Playcentre community, but it did also really make me realise how thankful I am for it!

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  1. ruth vincent
    5 years ago

    carry on being that mum…a beautiful advertisement for all that is Playcentre and babywearing.

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